Primark is releasing a special edition of Monopoly themed around shopping

Primark Monopoly


There’s no time like Christmas to bring those simmering family resentments to a boil with a ‘fun’ and ‘totally laidback’ game of Monopoly.

We now live in a world in which there’s a themed edition of Monopoly to suit every family – from Eastenders to the Lion King.

And now, finally, your prayers for a board game based entirely around Primark have been answered.

Primark has teamed up with Hasbro to create Primark Monopoly.

So if your entire family is made up of people who love bargain-hunting, we guess there’s now a Monopoly edition for you.

Strangely, the players aren’t too different from regular Monopoly. What a thimble and a dog would be doing in Primark, we’re not sure.

Primark Monopoly

We don’t know why the player tokens are the standard thimble, dog, car, and so on (Picture: Primark)

But rather than real estate, you hop around the board trying to buy fashion items, ranging from jewellery in the brown corner all the way to a little black dress.

As you fill your basket with clothing, you can buy and build Primark stores.

There are also spaces on the board for fitting rooms, which oddly enough do not replace the ‘go to jail’ boxes, and the Community Chest and Train Station areas remain the same.

Primark Monopoly

Are you supposed to aim for the fitting rooms or avoid them like the plague? (Picture: Primark)

All in all, quite a niche board game to add to your shopping list, but we suppose diehard Primarni fans wouldn’t dare to play regular Monopoly when they could have an edition entirely themed around their favourite store.

Anyway, ignoring the whys, Primark Monopoly will be available in 119 UK stores from 30 November, costing £18.

Do enjoy playing a round before you head to the Boxing Day sales. Sounds like a zen way to spend the festive period.

Author: Oscar Gonzales

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