A brand is selling upside-down jorts for £291

What screams ‘fashion’ louder than a pair of jorts?

A pair of upside-down jorts, natch.

Don’t bother trying to figure out how to reverse your jorts (it won’t work. You’ll get them up your legs and then they’ll stop right before your crotch), because a brand has done it for you, releasing a pair of shorts they call the Nancy.

Nancy shorts are denim shorts designed to look like the waistband – with pockets and belt loops – sits on your thighs, while the cuffs of your shorts sit on your waist.

It’s all a bit confusing to explain, so here’s a picture:

(Picture: CIE Denim)

Naturally the fashion-y take on jorts cost a bargainous $385 (£291.47).

Don’t stress if you don’t have £300 lying around though, as you could always recreate the ~vibe~ by digging your old denim skirt out of your wardrobe and wearing that upside-down. No worries about the denim dividing your legs with a skirt.

Clearly upside-down items are quite the trend (or CIE Denim is attempting to make that the case), as the brand also sells upside-down jeans (so again, you’ve got tiny waistbands on your ankles rather than on your waist) called Lucas, Mike, and Will.

Each pair costs $500 (£378.53). Lovely.

(Picture: CIE Denim)

All of the upside-down designs are patent pending, just in case other designers think about creating their own topsy-turvy denim.

The lookbook mostly shows the jeans and shorts with plain strappy tops and striped tees, so those are probably a good starting point for styling.

Yes, the concept is weird, but is anyone else kind of warming to the designs?

Author: Oscar Gonzales

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